Hardscaping adds those special touches that make a great impact. Whether it’s brick, stone, or other materials, these finishes take your space to the next level!

Rock Edging

Rock edging adds a beautiful and natural detail to a property. The variety of rock types and sizes allows for endless design options with great results.


Pavers are a great addition to patios and pool areas. Why? They are durable, easy to maintain and provide more flexibility in design than poured concrete.


Bricks are a great option in hardscaping, because they are low maintenance, sustainable and can add a pop of color to an already beautiful design or area.

Fire pits

Do you want an outdoor heating option that looks great but also keeps a fire from spreading out of control? Fire pits will do the trick!

Outdoor kitchens

Eating inside can be enjoyable, but an outdoor kitchen gives you the opportunity to enjoy cooking and eating while enjoying what nature has to offer.


Whether attached to the house or separate, patios add outside living space for you to enjoy time in the outdoors with those you love.

Retaining walls

Not only are retaining walls functional, but with the right materials, they can also be a great addition to the property’s look and design.


Indoor chimneys are a great addition to the interior designing of a house. What about an outdoor chimney? An outdoor chimney provides increased usage of your backyard space even in colder temperatures and allows for more opportunities to entertain loved ones in cooler weather.

Moon gate

Usually used as entrances to gardens, moon gates are now being requested for entrances to pool areas. They serve as an eye-catching addition to any outdoor area.



(Winchester, TN)

This project optimizes outdoor living space! The design incorporates a fire pit, wall and beautiful deck surrounded by nature.


(Harvest, AL)

This project is great for those that love the outdoors. A rustic fire pit and sitting area is great for those cool nights spent outside.

Cross Roads

(Owens Cross Roads, AL)

The spacious patio, retaining wall and rock edging detail of this project really add to the appeal of the customer’s property.

Lewisburg #2

(Lewisburg, TN)

This rustic outdoor chimney is made of real veneer rock which adds to its appeal and sturdiness.

Madison #1

(Madison, AL)

The retaining blocks give this project a very rustic and strong look.


(Fayetteville, TN)

What do the indoor chimney, outdoor chimney and outdoor kitchen in this project all have in common? High quality real rock veneer that is durable and appealing.

Madison #2

(Madison, AL)

This project proves that small spaces can make a big impact. The beautifully toned pavers truly take this pool area to another level.


(Athens, AL)

The paver coping on this project’s pool deck gives it a sleek and polished appearance.