At Southern Style Pool & Rock, we not only install your pool; we make sure it runs and looks great by offering repairs for pool liners, steps and more!


Why are in-ground vinyl pools so special? We can install vinyl pools faster than other pool types and they are built to withstand the effects of water, chemicals, and the summer heat and sunlight. They are custom made to ensure a great fit and are made of durable, long-lasting materials to ensure the best longevity possible.

Pool Decks

It’s great to enjoy yourself while you are in your pool, but how great would it be to have space to relax outside of your pool? Pool decks give you great space for pool chairs and more so you can enjoy your pool area even when you aren’t swimming.


At Southern Style Pool & Rock, we have in mind not only our customers’ enjoyment but also their safety. That’s where coping comes to the rescue! Whether made from concrete, tile or natural stone, coping helps protect your hands and feet when getting in and out of your pool and gives you something firm to hold onto when you need a break from swimming.

Liner replacements

Even the best materials, over time, will need to be replaced. We replace your vinyl pool liners so your pool can keep looking its best!


Would you like a pool feature that will set your pool apart from the rest? Have you caught yourself wanting something that not only looks great but also is fun and functional? If so, a waterfall is what you need! The circulating water also helps prevent the formation of algae in your pool.


At Southern Style Pool & Rock, we make sure to take care of the landscaping that’s needed before installing your pool. Weeds? We’ll get rid of them. Dirt? We’ll move it.


Laceys Spring Project

(Laceys Spring, AL)

This project has so many great features. The coping and pool deck give the pool a nice, rustic look and the beautiful moon gate is the icing on the cake.


(Culleoka, TN)

The beautiful waterfall feature is truly a highlight of the excellent construction on this project.


(Columbia, TN)

This project shows the hard work and detail that goes into constructing an in-ground pool from start to finish.

Lewisburg #1

(Lewisburg, TN)

What can make an ordinary pool look extraordinary? Veneer rock. The colorful choice of veneer rock in this project really makes it stand out.


(Hunstville, AL)

The waterfall feature made of faux stone or veneer rock and the deck’s rustic style tile in gray truly gives this pool area a sleek look.